An Old Woman

Today I am going to share a story of a mother which was written by an unknown person. Describing it in the way he described it.

Sun was shining at its peak and it was 2’0’ clock. I saw an old woman whom back was bent more than an arc at Sher Sha road in Multan Cant, who was asking for help aimed at going to her home. Her home was about 55 kilometer from there. She come there for the sake of taking pension of his martyr son, who was martyred in 1971 war. From the last 35 years she was coming after every 3 months to take the pension which was 635 rupees as per the old woman.

After the day I helped her, it became her routine to come my office and gave me a lot of prayers, whenever she visited Multan. One day, I asked a question from the martyr’s mother “Oh my mother! Why you come so far for this little amount?”  What a worthy reply she gave me. She said “Son! This is earning of my martyr son. When he was alive, he used to help me out in every small thing and respect me as well, he is no more now but still his servings are still there. There is so much richness in his pension. Whenever I hold his pension in my hand it seems that I am holding my sons hand in my hand.”

Then I understand, a woman with 70 angle bended back travel from village to Mettla and then from there to Multan just for the sake of meeting his son. It is the only feeling she have for his son otherwise no one who can even cross the road at this age.

There is nothing pure than your mother in this world. Take care of her and value her.

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