Change your thinking–Single exam can’t snatch the talent and success

Today, I am going to share a story with you people after reading which you will be astonished that how people think uniquely in this world and how much potential and positive energy their thinking have.

This is story of a person living in Singapore and leading a school as a principal over there. Before  the examination get started, he wrote a letter to the  student’s parents .It was written on the letter that it is compulsory for every parent to read it carefully for his/her kid to be seated in the examination.

The letter was.

Respected Parents,

Your children exams are getting started and I know well, you will be tensed about their performance and result. Every one of you want to get your children best marks or positions in his/her class but it can’t be so.

Be patient and do remember, the children going to give exam have different interests and priorities. Some of them are artist by interest and they don’t need to learn about mathematics or physics.Some of them are future musicians, If they are having less marks in chemistry it will not impact their career or interest.There are also CEO’s of large scaled companies as well in these studies who don’t need to know history or literature. There can also be athletes in this group of children so not force them to read physics as fitness is more important to them than that.

Therefore, if your children get good marks it’s right but if not then don’t scold.If you do so, you have snatched the self confident and self respect of the kid, leaving negative impact on his thinking.

If the kid failed so what, tell him that this was a small examination not a bigger one to weep on . Try again for the one you have interest in, as you are born for doing something bigger than this.Tell them, you still love them and not judge them based on the marks they  get.

For God sake, do this and if you have implemented this you will see, your kid will conquer the world– Only one exam can’t snatch the talent and success from your kid.

Please don’t think that only engineers and doctors live happily in this world but the painter, artist, musician or any field of the interest can also be.

Your’s sincerely





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