Do Not Give Birth To Poverty

We took two young kids for an experiment. One dressed up like a beggar while other one like a street seller. The one wearing torn dress was sent for begging while other went for selling different things that we gave him. In the evening, when they came back, the beggar kid had eight hundred pennies while the hard worker kid had only one fifty in his hand. The result of this social experiment was very clear that we discouraged hard work.

Actually as a nation, we encourage beggars and disappoint the ones working hard. We calculate each penny while dealing with a fruit seller, hotel waiter or any one working at low level. At the same time we give twenty to hundred extra pennies to the beggar and think that the heaven is obliged to us now.

In actual, we should feed the beggar and give some extra labor to a hard-worker or appreciate him for his work. So, that he can work with more passion in the future for having a better life.

According to my teacher saying, “If you give a beggar lump sum amount in cash, he will keep it in safe place and starts begging again very next day but on the contrary, if you helps a hard-worker or a poor  man , he will fulfill his basic necessities and will try to spent the remaining amount to earn more”.

Let’s do one thing, keep a pot in your home and put the coins in it that you want to give a beggar. Once enough amount is collected, you can help out a person who wants to work instead of  begging.

If we look around , there are a lot of students,patients, workers and females who are in need.If we help any one of them, it will give us calm and inner peace.


Begging can’t be diminished by giving to a beggar but it increases.

It’s up to you now,how you follow it.

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