Transformation from Modern To Ancient World

From pottery to steel and plastic pots, due to fear of cancer moving back to earthen wares. Using of your thumb due to no education, moving to signatures to show your education and at last , reverting to the thumb scanning.From torn and dirty dresses to clean and pressed ones and then tearing your pants on the name of fashion.

Start studying to get rid from hard ships of life. After doing P.H.D start jogging  on walking track to get sweated.From natural food to canned and processed food and then turning back to organic food to save yourselves from different diseases.

From old, traditional and simple things to branded items and at last when fed up of all moving back to antiques, of which you are proud of now.Scolding kids if they play with clay and tell them to not play as it have germs in it that will catch them out and when get awareness how immunity power is increased, telling your kids to play with the clay—–

This is all our modern age —- transformation from modern to  postmodern world.

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