If you ask me for the same thing my answer will be “LEARNING”.


When we hear word “Education” there are some points which immediately comes to our mind as “to learn something from your teacher in school/college/university, learn something from a professional person or learn some skills practically.” I think these are the common opinion that ever one has about Word education.

What actually education is


  • Help people to learn good deeds in life, encourage them to do things which can be helpful for other people as well.
  • Education improves our knowledge, skill, confidence level and personality. It empowers us intellectually to interact with others.
  • Education is the process of acquiring the body of knowledge and skills that people are expected to have in your society. 
  • Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills values, believes, and habits.

Education is something which we relate to our self, our environment, our behavior, our society, our morals, our responsibilities, our priorities, and our attitude towards other. So, basically education defines us.

EDUCATION tells us how to be a good person? What should be our values? What should be our morals? Our priority, how we should behave?  How should we make our society better?

Education doesn’t mean just to gain knowledge from our school course, training/skills. Education is a huge word which can cover the entire aspect of human life. Education is something in which we can learn each and every thing related to our life like grooming yourself, your personality, how you treat others and all… So, focus on educating yourself not just on gaining bookish knowledge.

Studious knowledge can definitely help you out to take good grades and have a good job at the end but not good life and personality

Lastly but not the least education not only mentor you but the people living around you as well.



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